Amy Riestenberg

Amy Riestenberg, of Etiquette East Texas



Contact Amy today at: ariestenberg@etiquetteeasttexas.com

Amy Riestenberg, of Etiquette East Texas, is an etiquette consultant that provides:
  • Children's manners classes
  • Private etiquette lessons for families
  • Business Etiquette Presentations
  • Professional Image and Attire
  • One on one image and impression consulting
  • Dining Tutorials

Way Of Life

Etiquette East Texas knows that manners are a way of life. "Etiquette is not about impressing people, it is about using kindness, courtesy, and respect in every part of our daily lives."
- Melenie Broyles founder of Etiquette Saint Louis and co-author of The Little Pink Book of Etiquette.

Good manners should be a way of life, and practicing such manners gives one the confidence to feel comfortable in social and business situations.

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