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  • Mrs. Riestenberg: - Mary Alice Sattler 
    "Thank you for teaching my class! It was so fun and I loved the manicure class the most!"

  • Mrs. Riestenberg: - Madeline Reed 
    "Thank you for being our teacher! I really enjoyed the table setting race. You are a good teacher..."

  • Mrs. Riestenberg: - Sadie White 
    "Thank you for being so nice to me, you rock!"

  • Mrs. Riestenberg - Taylor Ellis 
    "Thank you for everything - you're the best!"

  • Mrs. Riestenberg - Anna Grace Hallmark 
    "My favorite part was posture! I love it!"

  • Mrs. Riestenberg - Erin LaRoe 
    "I enjoyed your class so much. My family is planning to make a 5-course meal to practice what we have learned. "

  • Mrs. Riestenberg - Emily LaRoe 
    "Thank you so much for giving us the etiquette class. As soon as we got home we played etiquette class. I can't wait till the next etiquette class"

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